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Digital Wall Art Murals and Wall Stickers

Create the ultimate Feature Wall! All these designs are produced on fabulous non woven, 'paste the wall' paper, making them easy to install. The only hard part is deciding which one to choose.

Childs Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Play Room or Office use Digital Wall Art to create a 'wow factor' in your home. Browse through our collections below to choose a Digital Wall Art for your favourite room. Please note delivery on all Wall Art is 10-14 working days.

Nono Wall Art

A Collection of stunning Digital Wall Arts from Nono's Wallpower Next Collection.

Please Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Nono Childrens Wall Art

Bold, bright and colourful designs to brighten up your childrens room or play area.

Please Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Mr Perswall - Destinations
Mr Perswall - Destinations. Travel from paradise to the metropolis in your own home. Cover your walls with remote rainforests or windows looking out across the open ocean. Let your wallpaper lead you through mazes, past undiscovered street corners or follow explorers’ maps of ancient civilisations. Perhaps Manhattan’s road network is the evocative chequered wallpaper you’re looking for?

Destinations is an unlimited collection that appeals to everyone who at some time has been out in the wide world, has pulled up their roots or headed for new destinations.

Mr Perswall - Fashion

Mr Perswall - Fashion. Whether you're infinitely impressionable, incurably provocative or comfortably predictable, you'll find your personal expression in this collection. Fashion is a wardrobe full of wallpapers that make sure your walls show who you are.

Take a look, try them out and choose a style that brings character to the rooms in your home. We promise a perfect fit, superior quality and walls that suit you.

Mr Perswall - Hide & Seek
Mr Perswall - Hide & Seek. Allow budding Picassos colour in the mystical story of the hidden creatures in the jungle all by themselves; let the letter acrobat learn the alphabet in a natural way and explorers conquer the world every evening before the Sandman sprinkles his dust.

Hide & Seek is an educational collection that encourages children to discover new things using their entire body.

Mr Perswall - Accessories

Mr Perswall - Accessories. Accessories embraces features not normally associated with wall designs. It opens the door to endless opportunities for adding exciting dimensions and a distinctive character to your home.

Think outside the box, let a flower interact with the light fitting on the ceiling; a necklace embellish the dressing table; a microphone say who you are. Accessories’ versatile wallpapers inspire playful creativity and new lines of thought.

Mr Perswall - Creativity & Photo Art

Mr Perswall - Creativity & Photo Art. Do you dream of windows overlooking the sea or a view of New York? A larger apartment? Your own private spa? Discover the collection’s creative illustrations and photographs that let you play with spatial perspectives and frames of mind. You’ll find many of the wallpapers are highly usable too.

Creativity & PhotoArt is the collection where you can expect the unexpected in the realm of innovative wall design.

Mr Perswall - Urban Nature

Mr Perswall - Urban Nature. Have you ever been struck by the exciting synergy created by the fusion of nature and city living? The wallpapers in this collection depict the impressions left by nature on every street corner and the traces of urban lifestyle that we find in each and every glade.

Whether you are a nature lover exhilarated by the pulse of the city, or a city person in step with nature, the wallpapers in the Urban Nature collection offer what you need to give the walls of your home a unique look.

Mr Perswall - Photo

Mr Perswall - Photo. Do you want to create space in confined areas or have large windows with views? Wallpaper your living room with a private jetty! Or choose a motif that adds depth and dimension to a small bathroom.

The collection blends Scandinavian motifs with exciting graphic art, comprising photographs of both urban and natural scenes. Photo provides a simple means of bringing totally new perspectives to your rooms and a vibrant, personal touch to your home.

Eefy Wallart
Fun and quirky design from the unique style of Eefy - ideas for home.
Mr Perswall - Expressions

The need to express ourselves and tell our story visually is as old as mankind itself. It lies there deeply imbedded in our DNA – the urge to share our experiences, opinions and thoughts. And all the time art by nature is constantly changing, always adapting its expressions as history unfolds.

New styles of art are invented every single day and it is our inherent will to experiment that is taking us forward. From cave drawings to the renaissance genius and today’s street artists.

Brian Yates - Macro

The desire of being surrounded by uncontaminated nature, of reliving heroic deeds and of recalling ancient prints of the past.

The Macro collection has been created with the ambition of constantly evoking facinating emotions day by day. Offering a new collection of Avante-Garde wall covering., manufacturered with a sophisticated technology, maintaining however the original value of the image proposed, giving the impression of an artistic engraving made by hand.

Every colour pressent in the Macro collection has been carefully selected in order to match perfectly with the image itself and offer a harmonic sset of chromatic values, suitable for a great variety of projects of interior decoration.

Macro is innovative collection of wall covering, unique of its kind, developed for a very specific purpose; offering the opportunity to create a luxurious atmosphere of exclusiveness. 

Henri Maison - Infrastructure and Communication
Henri Maison - Infrastructure and Communication - A collection of stunning Digital Wall Arts from Henri Maison.
Mr Perswall - Nostalgic

Make your home a place to remember! The collection Nostlagic is literally a memorable collection designed to trigger childhood memories, the feeling of the first kiss or the grandmother's story from the past.

The inspiration comes from the 1900s, with everything from 20th century great movie stars, hippie flowers, American road signs and neon flickering pinball machines. Welcome to take a trip down memory lane!

Eijffinger - Wallpower Rhythm

A Collection of stunning Digital Wall Arts from Eijffinger's Wallpower Rhythm Collection.

Please Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Casadeco - So Wall

A Collection of stunning Digital Wall Arts from Casadeco's "So Wall" collection.

Please Note: Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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